What Not To Do: Work Party Etiquette

work party

Good job, team! You’ve had a great year, you’ve smashed every job you had to do, and the boss has even decided to give actual Christmas bonuses this year instead of last year’s $20 Myer voucher (which you forgot to use in time). That all means one thing: it’s time for the work Christmas party.

Work party etiquette can be fraught with danger, but if you follow a few simple rules, there’s no need to stress about walking back in after the break.

Avoid Awkward Topics

Unless you work for a political party, a broadsheet, a union, or any other place where talking about politics is chill, it’s best to avoid talking about politics. Now, obviously you and all your colleagues are calm-minded individuals who can carry nuanced conversations about serious issues without any discomfort or personal attacks, but consider this: cocktails can undo it all.

Other topics to avoid include: why you left the Church, your in-depth views on the meat industry, or your fraught relationship with your dad. Save it for the family dinner!

Keep It Civil

Got a problem with your boss or deskmate? Now is not the time to settle scores. Work Christmas parties serve as a pressure valve at the end of a long year, but you’re still at work, and you still have to see these people for 48 weeks of the year next year as well. So save it for HR, and keep things nice.

Zip It

Do not remove a single item of clothing. This shouldn’t even need to be said, and yet there’s always someone each year. (We’re looking at you, Gary from accounts.) There’s nothing worse for a hangover than remembering that the whole office witnessed you flashing a ferry, and it wasn’t funny or clever. (Actually, it was hilarious. But it wasn’t clever, Brenda.)


We’ve put it in all-caps because that’s how much we mean it. Because see above: cocktails.

Drink Responsibly

You know what? Just take this one piece of advice and the rest shouldn’t be a worry.

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