The Best Lunches to Impress the Guest

So that big could-be client has come to meet the team, or the big boss from interstate has landed in town. Maybe that absolute gun new recruit who will make your work life a breeze and needs a little nudge to get across the line. And now you’ve been tasked with choosing the perfect lunch spot to wine them, dine them, and blow their socks off.

Don’t stress! No matter who they are or what the vibe is, the locals at King Street Wharf have you royally covered.


Something Different: Wharf Teppanyaki


Hear the sizzle and feel the heat for a lunch meeting with a difference at Wharf Teppanyaki. Whether you want to go a la carte with Pacific Squid, Wafu Oysters or Wagyu straight off the teppan, or indulge in a leisurely tsu tsu mi set banquet instead, here you’re in for the best and freshest Japanese dishes with an exciting and playful twist.


A Gourmet Icon: The Malaya


When Won Tai See opened The Malaya in 1963, it was a shock to Australian conservative palates. Sourcing his own spices from Singapore in a time when Australian food rarely got hotter than a dash of black pepper, Wong See brought to Sydney complex, spicy and aromatic dishes in the Nonya and Malaysian tradition that he had encountered on his travels. Steeped in rich history, The Malaya’s delectable offerings are more than just lunch options – they’re each a fascinating story about how Sydney found its spice.


Mediterranean Hometown Views: Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill


Settle in and get comfy in the promenade lounge at Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill for fresh Mediterranean flavours and a relaxed, waterside atmosphere. From mouthwatering slow-cooked lamb to fresh seafood, superb selections of imported Greek wines, and ouzo ready for the tasting, the bellies and the dispositions of your guests will be happy and content – a recipe for success.


We’re Here, We’re Beer: Beer DeLuxe


For when you need a little bit of help getting the client across the line but you want to keep it casual, you can’t go past having 180 of the best beers in the world to choose from. Having won a Time Out Bar Award for best beer list in Sydney, Beer DeLuxe‘s philosophy is simple: good, honest flavours for a good, honest appetite, and good, honest beers for a good, honest thirst. Whether you pair your brew with a big, classic cheeseburger, spicy Szechuan fried squid, or the fresh, clean flavours of the buttermilk ceviche, there’s a dish here to match every merry-making drop.