Royally Weird And Wonderful: Three Totally Unique Dishes At King Street Wharf

And now, for something completely different! Take your tastebuds a little left-of-centre for lunch with some seriously cool dishes. (And, as a bonus, they’re all perfectly Instagram-able #foodie gold.)

Kochin bug curry, Manjits @ The Wharf

Manjit’s @ The Wharf not only specialises in offering the spicy flavours of Southern India and royal banquets typical of the North, it also embraces Australian ingredients for truly multicultural experience. Indulge in fresh Balmain bugs prepared in the classic South Indian style, cooked in three extractions of coconut milk, gently stewed and lightly spiced with cloves and green chillies.

Fresh-cut sashimi on wasabi-infused sorbet, Kobe Jones

Japanese food like you’ve never had it before, Kobe Jones combines modern Japanese cuisine with a Californian twist and a distinctly Australian personality. All the favourite classics are on offer, but there are so many special morsels hiding away within the menu. Take for example the fresh-cut sashimi selection on wasabi-infused sorbet. Is it an interesting main? Or a thoroughly strange dessert? We know the answer, but we’re not telling – so there’s only one way to find out.

Grilled swordfish burger, Meat District Co.

Meat District Co. is your destination for a mouth watering ‘paddock to plate’ inspired experience, so it makes sense that it’s most well-known for its red meat offerings. That doesn’t stop it serving up some excellent seafood, like the mouthwatering grilled swordfish burger. Served with fresh tomato, lettuce, and griche sauce, here the swordfish is allowed to shine in a dish it doesn’t usually feature in. So good you’ll want to hire a boat.