Precious Cargo: A Sydney Institution

Cargo Bar history

Who’s 17 years old, lives by the water, and just welcomed back all her friends after a few months of alone time? Okay, we’ll stop the weird metaphor now. It’s Cargo!

A Very Modern History

Opening just before the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000, Cargo has been an icon of Sydney nightlife ever since. Beloved by local night owls and celebrities alike, it’s seen some exceptional moments and seen sets from so many local DJs now doing us proud overseas, including Hayden James and Nina Las Vegas.

Nicole Kidman sipped apple martinis at Cargo when she was nominated for an Oscar in 2002. A year later, Prince Harry visited with the English rugby team and treated those around him to a bongo performance. Ja Rule celebrated his birthday there and the likes of Bono, Sir Richard Branson and Owen Wilson have been spotted having a special time at this renowned Sydney institution.

So let’s raise a chilled glass of the signature Cargopolitan to the air, and toast to Cargo. It’s good to have you back, and here’s to another 17 years!

52 – 60 The Promenade, Sydney
(02) 8322 2005