Let’s talk about lunch! (baby)

Work hard, play hard is a phrase that many of us can relate to.
We tend to work at 100 clicks an hour, all day, whether by choice or necessity.
We power through lunch, often missing it, or if we have something to eat, we are shovelling it down, at our desk.


There’s no need to tell you that this is not actually very good for us. But in case you needed a reason to step away from your keyboard, then let us spell it out for you.

Let’s start with the basics.

You eat better/ make better food choices – Research suggests that those of us who choose to eat at our desks are probably not eating as healthily as those of us who eat lunch away from our desks.

You can picture it can’t you?  You, hunched over some kind of fast food, or piece of toast, scoffing it down while trying to write that proposal, or send the email.

You need some time out – If you’re feeling a little tired, think of taking a walk. Even the smallest amount of exercise, like a short stroll, has health benefits. While you might think that you’re multi tasking, you’re probably not doing either well. Have you heard? Trying to do two things at once is counter productive. Multi tasking is out, mono tasking is in.

Your brain works better – Research proves this over and over, that when your brain gets a chance to turn off – it performs better.

You know that problem that has been nagging at you? Let go of it, and take time out  – this gives your brain time to work it out.  Sitting at your desk all day actually stifles your creativity.  Bottom line is – you’ll actually be more creative and more productive.

Use lunch as an excuse to network.
Lunchtime is a great time to network.  Whether it’s getting together with friends, colleagues or potential clients, eating is a relaxing and informal way of connecting with people.

Eating at your desk has some downsides – like the mess that you drop (crumbs, last night’s pasta sauce drips). Your body needs to move, so take a walk and eat out.

Ditch the desktop dining and take a short walk. Eat your lunch, then send the email. Try it and see for yourself.