Learn how to make the ultimate pizza


Come down to Casa Ristorante at King Street Wharf to marvel at the pizza mastery of Pizza Maestro, Michael Yedelian.

The man with the golden touch and a very big personality, has been kneading, tossing, spinning and making pizza with love for more than forty years. From Neutral Bay to Crows Nest and the Sydney CBD, Yedelian has perfected his pizza-making technique.

Here are Maestro’s top tips on making the ultimate pizza:

  1. ‘Double 0’ flour is the best. It’s lighter than plain flour and the trick to making sure your pizza isn’t bloating.
  2. Only Fior Di Latte cheese will do. It’s creamier and stretchier than buffalo mozzarella.
  3. Keep your toppings simple. “Go to Italy and you’ll see that locals stick to two or three toppings max. No pineapple, please.”
  4. Woodfire oven over electric oven any day. “The pizza melts in your mouth when it comes out of a hot, smoky wood fire oven. The flavour just doesn’t compare!”.
  5. The finished pizza should sit firm and straight on the back of your palm – no drooping or sogginess. This is “biscotto” perfect.
  6. Sweet “Nutella” pizza is highly recommended as is Pear & Gorgonzola. “These are natural Italian flavours, so I’ll break the rules here”, jokes Yedelian.

If this all sounds too daunting, you have two options: simply eat here or learn how to make a pizza from scratch.

Casa Ristorante Italiano offers weekly pizza making classes for adults and children. They‘re popular for corporate team building, kids birthday parties and hen’s parties.

“Pizza-making classes have been really popular. We’ve had over 70 classes in the last two months,” adds Natalie Hughes, Marketing Manager at Platinum Restaurant Group.

Just remember: “You need to insert lots of passion, love and attention in everything you do”. The Pizza Maestro may have been referring to cooking, but it’s a great attitude to life in general!