Learn How To Make Pasta from Scratch

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Winter calls for comfort and carbs in the shape of a warming bowl of pasta. So, why not learn how to make pasta from scratch?

You can learn how to make pasta with Chef Andrea at Casa Ristorante Italiano this winter. Classes of 10 or more can get their hands dirty, kneading, rolling, cutting and then eating your freshly made pasta.

Learn how to make fettuccine, stuffed ravioli and potato gnocchi for $90 per person which includes a glass of sparkling upon arrival, a complimentary Casa Ristorante Italiano sauce pot and a two-course dining experience of antipasto, pizza, and pasta.

Did you know there are approximately 350 different types of pasta around the world — and about four times that many names for them! For example, due to its shape, farfalle pasta is often called “butterfly” or “bowtie” pasta.

Chef Andrea from Casa Ristorante Italiano has been making pasta for 15 years in Italy and Australia. Hailing from Naples in the south of Italy, the fettucine loving Chef wishes to share his love for pasta in his cooking classes as well as a few Chef secrets.

So before rolling up your sleeves and putting on your apron, he recommends:

  • Stocking your pantry cupboard with semolina. This is the secret ingredient to light, smooth textured pasta – mixing plain flour with semolina!
  • Adding a sprinkle of turmeric to your pasta for that golden sheen and superfood punch

Start your way up from making basic pasta strips and graduate to making tortellini and ravioli as “that requires more time and a teaspoon of patience too”.

The pasta making classes could double up as a birthday party, Hen’s Party or even a team-building work event, so why not learn more and book?