King Street Wharf transformed into “King Street Sweets”

Starting this Friday (May 25th) and running until June 16, Sydney’s favourite waterfront promenade, King Street Wharf will be transformed into a sweet tooth’s paradise.

Our “King Street Sweets” has been designed to light up your night. Specifically with those sugary indulgences we sometimes allow ourselves during a special evening out on the town.

Coinciding with Vivid 2018, the dessert theme will exclusively feature three popular dessert trucks: Duo Duo, Bar Coco and Pimp My Chimney. And these treats scream for an Instagram shot to make your friends jealous!

Choosing just one dessert, we warn you, will be a tough gig. Choose from Duo Duo’s more-ish fried ice-creams, Bar Coco’s sweet churros or Pimp My Chimney’s pastry cones bedazzled in all sorts of toppings from ice-cream to Nutella brownies and more.

The trucks are open between 6pm – 10pm daily, so you and the family can head on down for a meal at one of the amazing King Street Wharf venues before walking the light show with a world-class dessert in hand.

You can find the trucks between Strike Bowling and Simplicity Cafe along the promenade. Alternatively, enter via Lime Street.

For something sweet and Vivid-like at one of our superb restaurants, feast your eyes on these delicious options:

  1. Crepe Suzette Teppanyaki-style, Wharf Teppanyaki



2. Rose Ice-cream Donut Sandwich, Manjit’s at the Wharf


3. Osmanthus Flower Jelly, Hulu at King Street Wharf


4. Beer Shortbread Caramel Slice, All Hands Brewing House


5. Nutella Pizza, Casa Ristorante Italiano


6. Coconut & Mango Frangipane Tartlet, Nick’s Bar & Grill


7. Vivid Cocktail Specials, Cargo


Long Live the Nightlife! Oh, and the sugar high!