Is whisky the new wine?


Matching the perfect wine to your meal is nothing new, but have you tried pairing whisky, beer, or both, with your food? With the help of a group of adventurous whisky distillers, that’s exactly what All Hands Brewing House is challenging you to try at the Boilermaker Dinner on 18 September.

The new generation of scotch whisky is breaking stereotypes, not just of the typical whisky drinker, but also of those behind the scenes with the number of female distillers growing year-on-year.

Brown Foreman, a whisky brand, has over 120 different expressions of whisky in its portfolio, offering different barrel finishes, age, and level of peatiness, so whatever kind of whisky drinker you are, there’ll be one for you.

Whisky with your dinner?

“Whisky is definitely the “new” pairing choice over wine, offering the same level of complexity and notes to elevate a dinner tasting”, says Head Chef, Michael Acevedo at All Hands Brewing House.

Acevedo has brazenly designed a four-course dinner matched with a different whisky and an award-winning craft beer per course. Putting the menu together, he considered the elements of salt, smokiness, and spice often found in whisky then combined these flavour profiles with dishes that include oysters, duck, and pear.

We joined the team as they put the final piece to the puzzle and paired the tasting beer to each course – no easy feat.

“I really enjoyed adding the element of surprise to this dinner by broadening the range of peated whisky we used,” adds Acevedo. “It’s like our last hoorah to winter, playing on the darker, more caramel notes in both the drink pairings and the dishes themselves.”

That’s right, each dish includes whisky in some shape or form, from savoury to sweet and with a secret reveal after dinner on the night, this isn’t an event to miss.


Boilermaker 4-Course Dinner

All Hands Brewing House

Wednesday, September 18

6 pm start

$70 per person