Herbivore Galore! Our Yummiest Vego And Vegan Lunches

At King Street Wharf, we’re here for everyone. For too long, vegetarians have had to suffer through menus stacked against them, with only sparse, dull options to choose from, like hot chips or a garden salad (mmm, very filling…), or the old boring classic, spinach lasagne (so thrilling).

Well to that, we say: no more!

So we’ve collected just a few of our favourite of many animal-friendly lunches from King Street Wharf – with not a single spinach lasagne in sight.

Baingan takatak, Manjit’s @ The Wharf

This one is perfect for warming the belly and the soul. Is that too cheesy? Vegans can rest assured that unlike that sentence, this dish isn’t. Instead, it’s smoke-roasted baby eggplant mashed with onion, tomato and chilli prepared on a traditional tawa hotplate. Whether you pair it with rice, naan, or pappadums, we can guarantee you’re in for a treat.

San choi bao, Beer DeLuxe

Fried tofu tossed in hot sauce with papaya, radish, and coriander salad, this vegan dish is full of fresh flavours and amazing textures. But what makes this one extra great? It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cold lunchtime beer. Which is fortunate, because Beer DeLuxe has 150 different varieties of brew on offer. Even more fortunate? You only need one hand to eat san choi bao, so you can double up on flavour and refreshment without any hassle.

Mixed ravioli, Casa Ristorante Italiano

We know, we know – this sounds like one of those standard vego menu options that we mentioned above. But trust us – it’s really great. On the one diverse plate you get mushroom, basil and ricotta, garlic potato, and beetroot ravioli, served up in a pink sauce with basil and croutons. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

Vegetarian set menu, The Malaya

Speaking of spice, make time for a longer lunch with some good company because The Malaya’s vegetarian set menu (suitable for two or more people) is something spicy and special – and with a couple of small exceptions, it’s also vegan-tastic. From options like the sayor otak (silken tofu topped with a blend of eggplant, mushroom, tomato, lemongrass and chilli paste, wrapped in a banana leaf and barbequed), to the sayor masak lemak (Malay-style vegetable curry cooked with fresh chilli, lemongrass and coconut milk), right through to the black rice pudding (black glutinous rice cooked with pandan leaves served with thick coconut cream, palm sugar and fresh fruit), it’s all amazing vego goodness.