Tasting King Street Wharf: Casa Ristorante Italiano

This month King Street Wharf has a special guest blogger, Glendon WW. A recognised foodie, Instagrammer and photographer, Glendon was enticed by homely pasta, juicy steaks and warm hospitality. Enjoy the first in our three-part guest blogger series.

Casa Ristorante

Being from an Italian family background, I’m unfortunately always hyper-critical when it comes to dining out at an Italian restaurant. Upon visiting Casa Ristorante, I was greeted by the laughter of a workplace team-building excursion, participating in one of the pizza-making classes. As the co-workers were happily throwing pizza dough and celebrating team bonding, I was seated and looked over the appealing menu offerings.

The menu was quite extensive, with a lot of delicious options to choose from – from traditional Italian fare to more contemporary dishes. But a few key dishes caught my eye that I knew I must have.

The dishes arrived one by one to the table. First up, four gorgeous morsels of arancini, with crisp golden-brown shells, well-cooked saffron infused rice with peas, ragù and satisfying mozzarella cheese centres, all nestled on a tasty sugo.

Next was a personal favourite – a salad of aged Prosciutto di Parma, rocket, pachino semi-dried cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction with the godfather of cheese decadence, burrata. Perfect in every aesthetic, with its gleaming smooth topknot exterior, but once cut, oozing creamy, cheesy goodness.

After entrees, the next stages included the epitome of Italian ingenuity – Fettuccine Carbonara.

Named from the rations Italian families were able to scrape together during the plight of war, this historic and memorable dish includes pancetta, bacon, garlic and parmigiano reggiano mixed together with perfectly cooked fettuccine for that intensely, more-ish experience.

Pizza making & tasting

As the pizza throwing exercise nearby had settled down to have the co-workers sitting down and enjoying their handmade pizza, I similarly tucked into my pepperoni pizza. I find it so difficult to go past pepperoni pizza! There’s just something so good about them. The familiar tomato and cheese base, charred yet appropriately chewy crust and the spicy deliciousness of the thin and flavour-packed pepperoni slices. This is why Casa is so well-known, I take it!

We were definitely eyeing the dessert menu, which consisted of all those usual Italian classics – but we were stuffed! Italians know how to feed generously, in the best possible way.

The ambiance of the restaurant was still very buzzy for the warm and balmy weeknight, even after the pizza class had settled down. Modern yet rustic feeling furniture with incredibly friendly staff and a generally really positive and upbeat vibe.

After I posted a photo of some of the dishes on my Instagram page, I was soon contacted by a German graduate student who had worked at Casa when he lived in Sydney the previous year – he couldn’t say enough kind things about his experience working there (and the food!). Which only re-enforced my overall sense that Casa was a great experience for not only corporate pizza-making classes, but staff and – most importantly – diners. A must-try!