Five Great Aussie Brews For International Beer Day At Beer DeLuxe

So you haven’t quite accrued enough annual leave for that trek around the country, but you sure do love a beer. Too easy! Beer DeLuxe has 150 craft beer selections, and a whopping 83 of those are from our very own wide brown land. We can’t think of a better excuse to journey over than International Beer Day this Friday 4 August, but with so many options, we had to give you a hand – and we didn’t want to suggest anything ordinary. Here are five wonderful and kinda weird Aussie brews for you to choose!

SQUISH Citrus IPA, Fixation Brewing Co

How’s this sound for Friday arvo refreshment? SQUISH is a Citrus IPA showing clean smooth bitterness with an aroma of orange and tropical fruits, supported by fresh citrus notes from the addition of blood orange and white grapefruit. We’re drooling already.

Raspberry Sour, Hope Brewhouse

A sour German-style wheat ale flavoured with fresh raspberries, this one is a beauty to behold. Not only does it boast a light front end, a delicate sweetness and a devilishly tart finish, it’s also a stunning pinkish red that looks bloody awesome.

Taco, Two Birds Brewing

Inspired by a trip to to San Diego during which its creators lived entirely on a diet of fish tacos and craft beer, Taco is a hoppy ale brewed with coriander leaf, fresh lime peel and corn. Fresh, zesty, and – funnily enough! – it pairs perfectly with a taco or two.

Boris, Feral Brewing Company

A Russian imperial stout straight outta Perth, Boris is jet black pour with a tightly packed mocha head and unbelievably full body. And that’s no surprise – it’s brewed using five speciality malts including roasted, dark and chocolate barley, which contribute to its bold espresso and chocolate aromas and flavours. ваше здоровье!

Mango Beer, Matso’s Broome Brewery

It’s like there’s a tropical holiday in your mouth, and you’re invited. Or something. Sorry. We’re too distracted by this beer to do sentences good. Matso’s use a 100% natural mango blend for this one, developing an easy drinking bev with a excellent fruit aroma and a sweet dryness.

Now, let’s try some of those other countries’ beers too, shall we? You can check out Beer DeLuxe’s full, 150-beer-long menu online at Untappd. Happy International Beer Day!