Escape from Pompeii – the untold human rescue

How much do you really know about Pompeii?

You’ve heard about Mount Vesuvius, right? But did you know that this was one of the first recorded rescues by sea, of civilians by a military force?

Discover the untold story of Pompeii in an outstanding exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Until the end of August, you can find out a whole lot more about what actually happened in 79AD, when Mount Vesuvius erupted, spewing volcanic ash all over the Bay of Naples.

Across the bay, Pliny the Elder was a great scholar, writer and scientist of the time. He was also the military commander of Misenum’s strategic naval base.

He ordered a fleet of warships to rescue as many of Pompeii’s residents as possible.

The collection of objects from Pompeii include more than 100 artefacts, including body casts.

These items give us an insight into the lives of the people of the day, including the sailors of the Roman fleet.

Up until the volcano erupted, Pompeii was considered among the most beautiful places in the Roman Empire.

The exhibition is open daily from 9.30 to 5pm until 31 August.

Book your tickets and find out more at the Australian National Maritime Museum website.