Down With Eggnog: The Best New Silly Season Cocktails

Summer cocktails

It is a truth universally acknowledged that summer is the best and cocktails are awesome, but when it comes to silly season concoctions, it can be hard to land on an iconic choice. We tend to go for basic summer tipples – your classic margaritas, mojitos or Pimms jugs – or the year-round classics like gin and tonics or vodka lime sodas, with no specifically festive-season selections in mind.

We say, no more. For your consideration and with a little help from Chad Parkhill, The Guardian Australia’s cocktail columnist and author of Around the World in 80 Cocktails, we bring you our new faves. They’re guaranteed to impress the bartender and delight the senses, but remember – drink responsibly.)

Negroni Sbagliato

One for the parts of the spritzes crowd that’s growing tired of spritzes, and a new take on a classic. With Campari, vermouth and prosecco instead of gin, this fizzy variation goes down a treat.


This one, created by spirits historian David Wondrich (how do we get that job?), has a lovely alpine herb flavour, so it’s a bit more Christmassy than the average amaro. It’s Bràulio, sweet white vermouth and soda, and 100% fantastic.

Sherry Cobbler

The nutty, rich flavour of sherry drinks are great for Christmas because they fit the season but are also light and refreshing. Do yourself a favour with some muddled fruit, sugar and sherry, shaken until ice-cold and served over crushed ice.

Kir Royale

A good quality Crème de Cassis topped with a whatever-quality champagne form a perfect partnership for summer refreshment, and its bold red colour matches any Christmas theme.

So cheers, salut, and enjoy!