Choose Your Own Adventure: A Lunch For Every Mood

Really, who wants to be eating that same pre-packaged, convenience store, chicken and lettuce sandwich at their desk every day? Each day brings up new moments and new experiences, and lunch should be no different. Whether you’re feeling like somewhere quiet to unwind with waterfront views today, a relaxed wine to drink with a book tomorrow, a cheeky cocktail lunch with friends and colleagues next week or a lounge beneath the sun this Friday, we’ve got it.

And, well – here’s the proof.

Unwind With Waterfront Views: Nick’s Bar & Grill

For the freshest seafood overlooking the shimmering sea, you can’t go past Nick’s Bar & Grill. Contemplate the view with a side of Sydney rock oysters, forget about that spreadsheet as you dive into a black mussel pot, or plan your weekend over some classic Australian fish and chips.

A Relaxed Wine With A Book: Steersons Steakhouse

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to wine selections, Steersons Steakhouse is a veritable spice market. With a 150-ranged cellar, you have a library of choices: a rosé with a romance, a merlot with a detective whodunnit, or a refreshing riesling with that new modern classic.

A Cheeky Cocktail Lunch: The Loft

So it’s lunch at 12:20, yeah? How about 1920 instead? Transport yourself back to that beautiful, bygone (and frankly, quite boozy) era at The Loft, where the roaring twenties-style cocktail lounge offers the perfect location and libations to pair with your lunch. Go for a classic cocktail, or if you want something different, there’s the infamous house special, the Blue Blazer – a warm cocktail flamed and rolled until fruit has been poached in whiskey.

Lounge Beneath The Sun: Bungalow 8

A tiki-inspired oasis, settle in amongst the palm trees of Bungalow 8‘s beautiful sun-filled beer garden to get some lunchtime rays. Whether you go for something like the fresh scallop ceviche with wakame and sesame ginger, or veer more towards the daily cheese plate, there’s truly nothing nicer than lunch in the light.