How To Break The Ice At The Work Christmas Party

Work party

Getting out of the office and into a different environment for the work Christmas party can be daunting, but it can absolutely be a fun experience. Just by getting to know your colleagues, you’ll be guaranteeing a better work environment, and maybe even locking in some new friends. But what do you do if you’re feeling a little shy? Never fear, with these handy tips.

Be Kind And Confident

Yes, it’s not really a technique, but it is a necessity. After all, when it comes to conversation, you’ve got to be in it to win it. So, before you pipe up for that friendly chat, take a few deep breaths and reward yourself with a smile.

Wear A Conversation Starter

This might sound silly, but it really works! Whether it’s a necklace, a lapel pin, or just a brightly coloured top – there’s a reason certain statement pieces are called ‘conversation starters’. And it goes both ways. See a colleague wearing scarf you like? Shoot them a compliment and get the conversation going!

Stand On Common Ground

Have you heard that one of the guys downstairs likes the same music as you? Or maybe one of the girls from accounts is from your hometown as well? Whatever it is, it’s an easy shortcut to getting to know someone super well. Your first convo is already sorted!

Enlist A ‘Tugboat’

A conversational tugboat is someone who can bring you in smoothly to a conversation. Want to get to know that guy from IT a bit better? Ask a mutual to kick off the convo. Too easy!

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