The Best Lunch Spots For The Weekend Warriors

Waaaaarriors, come out to plaaaaay…

Perfect days between the work days – you want ‘em? Whether it’s a rewarding food experience before Monday comes back around, gearing up for some night-time fun, or maybe even recovering from the fun you had the night before – baby, you got ‘em.

Days Gone By: The Malaya

A lunch at The Malaya is not only rich in fragrance and spice – it’s also rich in history. When Wong Tai See founded The Malaya in 1963, he brought to Sydney a world of flavour and a cuisine that was totally new to Australian palates. Those same dishes are still being plated up today, offering a powerful tale of multiculturalism and our city’s diverse history with every bite. What better way to shake off the working week than a lunch that enriches both the belly and the mind?

The Day Of: Cargo Bar

Cocktails, please! Settle in and start planning your night on the town over lunch in Cargo Bar’s gorgeous harbourside beer garden. What better way to prep than a round of Aperol spritzes and some mouthwatering gourmet pizzas with the entire squad? And if that lunch looks like it might get long, happy hour starts at 4pm…

The Day After: Beer Deluxe

Hangover? Hang in there. There’s nothing better for the next-day lunch (although, let’s face it – it’s usually more like breakfast after a sleep in, right?) than peeling yourself out of bed to get some delicious pub grub with your mates. Get comfy at Beer DeLuxe and regale each other with (or just be reminded of) last night’s war stories over hot wings, mountainous burgers, a classic parma, and 150 craft beer options. Hair of the dog never sounded so good.

(Because seriously, it’s a really gross phrase when you think about it. Bon appétit!)