Are you ready for Steersons 1KG T-Bone Challenge?


Steersons’ famous T-bone Challenge is back for another year during October. So get a crew together, loosen that belt and settle in to take up this unique and mighty gauntlet. Now in its 13th year, the challenge has become a Sydney institution with up to 500 people taking the challenge every year. Will you be one of them this year?

We asked Steersons’ General Manager, George Vitalis, to give us the lowdown on the challenge.

There is no set time limit or rush, the real challenge is simply finishing the giant chargrilled 1kg T-bone steak.

“We’ve had previous contestants knock it off in 10 minutes – including the sides – and others barely get it done in 60 minutes,” says Vitalis.

“For me, it’s fun to see how people tackle the challenge. Last year two young gentlemen came in and were bragging that they could eat two steaks each! I gave them no chance and told them I’d take care of the wine if they could do it. One of the lads went hell for leather, while the other was taking it nice and slow. Both were able to do it, but the one eating slowly actually finished first. I couldn’t believe it!” adds the bemused General Manager.

“People return to do it all the time. Each year we see familiar faces coming in to give it go and we have several customers come back 3 or 4 times in the month to re-do it,” says Vitalis.

During the interview a few names were dropped, including The Voice coach, Ronan Keating, as someone who’d “nailed it”. However, the 1kg T-bone challenge doesn’t discriminate, it’s not one just for “the boys” or celebrities. “We have families, corporate groups and even our staff members give it a go.”

For those who can’t stomach the idea of 1kg of steak, there are 14 other cuts on the menu including a 160g petite eye fillet and a signature Beef Wellington.

Bragging rights are included, at King Street Wharf’s favourite steakhouse. Will you see your name up on Steersons’ 1kg Wall of Fame?

Steersons Steakhouse’s 1kg T-Bone Challenge
1 October – 31 October
02 9295 5060