A Lunchtime Wine? We’ll Toast To That!

Want to unwind a little before the afternoon WIP? We can’t think of any better way than a cheeky glass of wine over lunch. And we can’t think of anywhere better to be spoilt for choice than Steersons Steakhouse. With 150 wines on offer, you can pick whichever suits your vibe best – and may require some return visits.

And as all wine-lovers know, there are three main types of wine (please don’t fact-check this), so why not launch into the best lunch options in those categories: a nice red, a crisp white, and a refreshing rosé.

A Nice Red

Treat yourself to an aromatic Pinot Noir, a soft Merlot, a spicy Grenache, or a robust Zinfandel. (Hmm, there’s four more entire categories – we’d better update our records.) The 2014 Ular from Wairarapa in new Zealand is a top Pinot choice, and is biodynamic and organic. For a Merlot, the Barossa Valley’s very own 2015 Round Two is a delectable selection, and for a Granache, you can’t go past the McLaren Vale 2014 Kay Brothers Basket Press.

A Crisp White

Whether you’re after a Sauvignon Blanc, a Semillon or a Verdelho, the options are wide and lovely. Have a sav blanc tipple with the 2015 Leeuwin Art Series from Western Australia’s Margaret River, or enjoy a bottle-aged Hunter Semillon with the 2014 Brokenwood. If you’re looking to impress, the 2011 Tyrrells Vat 1 will do just that. And if a Verdelho is what you seek, you can’t go past the 2013 Peel Estate from Karnup in WA.

Refreshing Rosé

As we welcome the sun back with the beginning of spring, all hearts and palates think of rosé. Bask in the pink glow of the 2015 Teusner Salsa from the Barossa, the 2014 Polin & Polin from the Hunter, or give yourself a tres chic lunchtime gift with the 2015 Chateau du Galoupet from Cotes de Provence, France.

So cheers, salut, cin cin, and prost! However you say it, let’s toast to good wine.